Waste Not

attempting to waste less and live more deliberately


This is the story of two people and two cats as they attempt to lightAlien their load and live more deliberately. Stay tuned!                                                                     ♥ ali


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey guys! This sounds cool. My roommate Geoff and I just started our Buy Nothing Year (www.buynothingyear.com). Look forward to following your journey! ~Julie

  2. I found your blog quite awhile ago as I was searching for information on microbead plastics…and just rediscovered it again. Disappointed to see that there’s nothing after February of this year, hoping all is well. Just “borrowed” your Ultimate Bliss Salad remix, looking forward to trying it!

    • Ive actually really missed writing! I stopped for awhile for fear that I was being to “preachy”. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about that too much though. Thank you for the kind words and I feel motiated to continue on! Thank you!

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