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A Low Waste Take on an Ingenious Pin

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With so many fantastic ideas bouncing around the web, one can’t help but feel inspired.  Recently, while spending way too long on Pinterest (no regrets, it totally paid off), I found this little gem of an idea…

ImageLinking to this site: HERE

Most of my pinning inspirations are filed away for a rainy day. However, this pin was different and extremely relevant; I hate cleaning the bathtub and am obsessed with any recipe that involves vinegar.

No joke, the moment I found this pin I called Sam and stated that we must walk to Sur La Table after work so I can buy a scrubbie wand and turn this pin into a reality.

Fortunately, it was too cold to walk to Sur La Table (50 degrees in SoCal, try not to laugh east coast friends), affording me some time to sleep on it.

After a good rest, I resolved that while the scrubbie wand seems very convenient, there is probably a better (low waste, low cost) way. Here is what I came up with:


Low waste, costs zero dollars, saved me a trip to the store and it works!

While this low waste take may not be as glamorous, I can’t help but be happy knowing we are sticking to our waste not/frugal constitution.

Here’s How:

  • A container of some sort begging to be reused rather than pitched
  • 1 part dish soap (check out the story of our dish soap here: Refill to You)
  • 1 part white distilled vinegar
  • An old scrubbie sponge (no longer suitable for the kitchen, but perfect for the bathroom)
  • A cup (avoid anything breakable as you will be using it in the shower)

Step 1: You just finished your shower. Before getting out take 1 minute to clean a section of your bath/shower. (If you want to tackle the entire shower/bath, go for it. However, I think this routine may be easier to stick to long term if you only clean a section at a time. I promise, If you clean a small section after every shower, that will be enough.)

Step 2: Wet the sponge and apply a quarter size amount of your soap/vinegar solution.

Step 3: Start scrubbing in circular motions. In extra grimy spots, use a little elbow grease.

Step 4: Fill the cup with clean water and rinse off the soap. Repeat this until rinsed clean.(This step is for areas of the shower/bath that the water from the shower head can’t reach.)

Step 5: Rinse and wring out your sponge.

Step 6: Get out of the shower, pat yourself on the back, start your day!


shower cleaning supplies lives on the ledge

How does it work, you ask?

Wonderfully! I have tried so many shower cleaning products with God knows how many chemicals and this is by far the best! If you would like you can add an old tooth brush to the mix for extra scrubbing power.  Just make sure you let your partner knows what’s up so they don’t mistakenly use it in their morning fogginess.

Happy low waste cleaning!



One thought on “A Low Waste Take on an Ingenious Pin

  1. Great idea – I will start this tonight! (btw – I really enjoy reading your blogs – I am impressed by how well they are written! and filled with so many great ideas; so well thought out and so wonderfully expressed – the passion for your subject comes through. Kudos to you AND Sam.)

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