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Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden

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Curious about attracting wildlife to your garden? Then visit Descanso Gardens!

Who: Lecturer Dr. Alan Pollack of the San Fernando Audubon Society

What: A one hour lecture where you will learn the basic elements for attracting wildlife — mostly birds and butterflies — to your green space. This event is a part of the “Get Dirty: A Garden Series by Descanso”.  Public admission to the Gardens and the lecture is free of charge. 
When: February 18th, 2014 at 2pm

Where: Descanso Gardens, located in La Canada, California 


His yard wasn’t always such an attraction. When Pollack, a retired psychiatrist, and his wife, Patti, moved into the home in 1968, the property had a front lawn, a concrete driveway and Algerian ivy in the back. “It was a mess,” he says. But all that changed when he retired in 1995. He began ripping out the grass, putting in new plants, creating the dry creek bed and having someone install a running creek in the back. In addition, there are solar panels on the roof, a compost pile in the back corner and a rain barrel catching water near a downspout. Pollack is convinced anyone can do the same. And once you do, it pays off. The only maintenance is a heavy pruning once a year, pulling the few weeds that crop up in the garden (but mulch has made that a minimal problem) and watering occasionally. In return you attract the beauty of nature – birds and butterflies to your yard. — Sharyn Betz (read the rest HERE)



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