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The French Press: More Than Coffee

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This is the story of a kitchen gadget superstar who is highly under appreciated (until today), the french press!


I have not always appreciated my french press, until recently it was hiding in a cabinet, covered in dust behind a pound of stale coffee beans.  However, one day after experiencing significant annoyance with my old tea ball strainer I had an ah-ha moment: “Hold on now, I can make my loose leaf tea in a french press! I can make several cups of tea in my french press at once! I am finally going to be able to drink all the cups of green tea every health guru tells me I need to drink! Hurrah!”

It get’s better, after making several cups of tea and enjoying them thoroughly, I went to clean my french press out and it was easy! Perhaps it was the health effects of the green tea working their magic or perhaps it was just a good day, but after that I thought of many more uses for my french press. So, here they are:

Coffee, obviously.

Why its great: With no filters, pods, or cones to mess with this option is very low waste! Also, you have the option to make a cup just for yourself, or for a crowd. Not sure how to brew by this method? Check out this video:


Why it’s great: Again, very low waste; no tea bags or filters to worry about. It also may encourage you to develop a great loose leaf tea stash! After brewing, tea leaves are easy to remove for composting. Make sure not to over steep! If you are making a steep time sensitive tea pour out all tea from french press at once to avoid a bitter tea.

tea leaves


Rinsing Dried Grains and Beans

Why it’s great: After rinsing them with cold water in your french press, simply press your strainer down, pour out the water (you can totally use this water to give your garden or house plants a drink!), and start cooking! This method beats using a colander, running the water continuously, and loosing some beans down the drain!

Water Pitcher

Why it’s great: Not only is it beautiful, it will help you drink more water!


Make it Frothy

Why it’s great:  A daily coffee shop latte can cost you nearly $100 a month and waste a whole lotta paper/plastic cups! Save some money and reduce waste by using your french press to incorporate some air into your milk or milk alternative of choice. Check it out: Life Hack


Why it’s great: You can strain nearly anything using a french press! What comes to mind for me is if you want to enjoy a sangria without all that healthy fruit in your glass. “Just the booze, thank you.”

Picture 485

In closing, here is what we have found:

Multi-Use Items = Low Waste, Low Stress, and Money Saved!

Have any more ideas for the noble french press?



One thought on “The French Press: More Than Coffee

  1. So I’m reading through this list thinking, yep, coffee (no pods for me), do that, yep, tea, do that, yep, milk frothing etc etc… and then I saw the one about rinsing grains and beans… I have never thought of that, and it may just be a genius idea! I always rinse rice before cooking and I end up losing loads in the sink. Which I then try to pick out (if the sink is clean) because I hate food waste! I will have to try it. Am slightly excited about this idea : )

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