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Grocery Store Games


Since going low waste, grocery shopping has turned into a bit of a game. 

The Rules: Buy what we need while avoiding as much packaging as possible.
Why? Food packaging often contains a variety of materials, making it nearly impossible to recycle. Also, it’s fun!
A few packaged items (cheese), but mostly a successful grocery game!
Some Findings
  • We are swapping unhealthy, over-packaged processed foods for more nutritious whole foods.
  • Cooking from scratch has improved our kitchen skills.
  • To minimize packaging further, skip the plastic produce bags. Fruits and veggies already come packaged by nature! Worried about germs? Don’t be, you will likely wash them off before eating anyways. 
  • Buying bulk? Skip the disposable plastic bags and use your own containers instead. Don’t forget to mark the tare weight! (what is tare weight? find out HERE)
  • Bulk isn’t just for beans and rice! Look for bulk teas, coffee, candies, granola, nut butters, flours, spices, etc.


  • Get to know your butcher!  If you bring them a nice clean container in which to place you deli meat, steaks, shrimp, etc. you can forgo the plastic bag! 
  • Bring your own bags (or basket) and never have to answer the “paper or plastic” question again!
And lets be honest, homemade just tastes better than the packaged stuff!
How do you stay low waste when it comes to grocery shopping?

2 thoughts on “Grocery Store Games

  1. Great ideas! I’m taking the challenge, and will post results over at my environmentally minded blog over at yirdfast.no .

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