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Micro-Beads, Macro Problem

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In Search of a Truly Gentle Scrub?

About a month ago I shared one of my favorite practices, dry brushing.  While luxurious and inexpensive my main reason for adopting the practice was the health of my body and the health of the planet.  Dry brushing is a wonderful alternative to many commercial exfoliating body washes that tend to employ tiny beads of plastic to do their scrubbing. These beads, made out of the same material as ketchup bottles and plastic bags are so tiny that they easily travel through plumbing where they continue on to pollute one of the planets most important resources, water!

Here is a link if you want to learn more about dry brushing: Dry Brushing


Why Share All This Info Again?

Well, in response to pressure from concerned citizens and action groups, Johnson & Johnson has decided phase out the use of micro-beads!!! Learn more about this victory and future plans here: 5 Gyres Victory! 

“What an incredible day for the ocean! We’ve come a long in this campaign–Unilever, The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive have all announced commitments to end the use of microbeads. Next up, we’re going full court press on Procter & Gamble who have not made a commitment, though we have been in discussions with them. Please stay tuned in the coming days as we’ll need your help to get P&G to act–we’ll be launching our campaign action page urging P&G to do what’s right. Microbead plastic pollution is a solvable problem. We’re proving that inch by inch.” – http://5gyres.org/


Have you gone through your stash of hygiene products in search of those tiny plastic beads?

If you find some, mail them back to the manufacturer with a note demanding a safer product!

♥ ali


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