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Dust Spray, Homemade and Non-Toxic

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Today is the day our orange-infused vinegar is ready! Time to get dusting!

What: Non-Toxic Dust Spray


3 cups water

1 cups citrus-infused vinegar (make your own! See how HERE)

3 teaspoons olive oil

1 spray bottle (we used an old cleaned out method bottle)


ImageIf you haven’t already, strain citrus peels out. Then pour infused vinegar into spray bottle.


After the infused vinegar, add the water.


Last, but not least add your olive oil.


There you have it; cheap, easy, non-toxic and low-waste!

Give it a few shakes before you use it to incorporate the olive oil. Also, remember to do your research before using it on just any surface! Maybe test it out on a small, inconspicuous spot before cleaning your entire home with it!


Dusting is important.  Not only does it look great, it also gets rid of harmful particulate that float around in the air and settle on your knick-knacks.

Why Make Your Own?

Let me compare the ingredients of the popular dusting product Endust with the one we just made.




Paraffinic oil, lightly refined

Naphtha, petroleum, hydrotreated heavy

Terpenes and Terpenoids, sweet orange-oil

Non-Toxic Dust Spray:


Orange Oil (from citrus peels)

White Distilled Vinegar

Olive Oil

Want to learn more?

Check out the Department of Health and Human Services. Here you can dig for more info on Endust and other common cleaning products.


What is your favorite homemade cleaning product?



One thought on “Dust Spray, Homemade and Non-Toxic

  1. A great reason to pledge to buy no more Pledge. Thank you for the tip!

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