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It’s Raining Weevils!

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At my desk there is a shelf that is solely devoted to interesting/pretty things found in the gardens.  Seed pods, bark, hops, quartz, and the occasional acorn.


One day while working…type type type phone call type print… a giant grub/maggot/wormie thing dropped right in front of my keyboard *SPLAT*. (note, the word giant may be an exaggeration.)

It should be known that I love bugs (see my spider post) and I am sure given a little time I could have grown to love this strange bug. However, the shock of a bug falling from the skies seemed to have blocked all lovey feelings.

After scooting the little bug onto a leaf and sending him back into the wild, I couldn’t shake the feeling that a bug had just fallen from the sky.  Would it happen again? Did it come from the ceiling? Is there maybe a dead animal in the ceiling with maggots feeding on its shell? Would it happen again? Should I start wearing a hat to work?

After discussing the odd incident with my coworker she furrowed her brow, looked at my collection of seed pods and other lovelies from the gardens and said “Acorn”.

And that is why I no longer collect acorns and why I had to share this National Geographic Video I stumbled upon. Click Here:  Acorn Weevil!  (if you dare!)

Happy fall and watch out for those Weevils!

♥ ali


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