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Orange Infused Vinegar

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Dust is the WORST! This has never been a problem before, I am convinced that having hardwood floors allows every little particle to fly around freely, landing right in your…ah…Ah….ACHOO! You get the picture.

No matter though, surely there is a DIY dust spray somewhere in the internet world.  Found one! Only one problem, it calls for lemon essential oil. I have nothing against lemon essential oil, it’s just that I don’t have any, and I am cozy at home, and I don’t want to spend any money. So what to do? Citrus Infused Vinegar! A friend once described cleaning with his lemon infused vinegar as leaving his house smelling like Victorian Lemonade!

Here’s how it’s done in just a few simple steps!


Find Citrus Peels – I chose the old orange peels left over from juicing.


Prepare the Peels  – You can stuff them in as are, but I chose to use a veggie peeler on them to increase the surface area and let out those essential oils.


Stuff them in a jar!


Wait – A few weeks should do it!


Smells amazing, gives new life to discarded peels, and it’s free; all good things!

Dust spray recipe coming soon, watch out dust bunnies!

♥ ali


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