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Being Human

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“Where’s the compost bin?”

“It’s messy, everything’s messy and unorganized; we’ll get back on track soon.”

days pass

“I’ve noticed an awful lot of food scraps in the garbage can lately…”

“Yep” grrr

more days pass

“Are you going to compost that?”

evil stare…

changing one’s routine is rarely a seamless process, no matter what you are trying to change! 

Rather than being angry, rather than giving up, let’s embrace our imperfections; make a plan and keep on truckin. So beware strawberry tops and potato skins, you are about to become dirt!

ImageI doubt this cutie crab spider from work would give up! Can you ID? I’ m guessing White Banded.

how do you stay on track?

♥ ali


One thought on “Being Human

  1. Make it as easy as possible on yourself… put your scrap bin next to your trash bin or in front of it… make is something that cleans out easy… do pushups every time you find something in the garbage that doesn’t belong there 🙂

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