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They’re Here…


and we love them!

For the most part all of our waste not tiny habits (see here) have come quite easily.  We have added a recycling system that seems to be working pretty well, we are making our own bread (by we, I mean Sam!), and even brewing our own beer (again, Sam is awesome!). However, there is one habit that has proven itself a bit more difficult…reusable drink containers (the cold ones).

DSCN0955Hot drink reusable — Thumbs up, we are doing well!

Hot coffee is working out just fine. We have started making our coffee at home in an effort to save money; as a happy consequence, we are using our own ceramic mugs.  However, when we are craving a nice iced coffee or latte (when it’s a billion degrees outside!!!) we tend to break and use the disposable plastic cups the drinks are served in.  DRAT! My chilled espresso beverage is tainted by the fact that the plastic cup I am sucking it out of will likely be around well after we’re both gone. Iced lattes are not so yummy with a side of guilt.

This also doesn’t sit too well…

If we each consume 4 beverages a week from disposable cups, that amounts to 416 trashed cups a year! If you live in a household of 5, that’s 1,040 trashed cups! Yikes, we were ready to find an alternative.

What to do? Research online, duh!

While searching for a product to help keep us on track, we have a few requirements.

  1. Must come from a company we would be proud to support!
  2. It should be made of safe-to-drink-from materials. I prefer eating and drinking out of containers that won’t disrupt my hormonal system, don’t you?
  3. It should be well-made, we would like it to stick around for the long haul!


What did we find? EcoJarz!


About EcoJarz

“We are a young company focused on challenging the concept of throw-away culture. Our first product — the Stainless Steel EcoJarz Drink Top — is designed to make reuse the new norm. Because our drink tops fit standard canning jars, they also fit hundreds of other bottles and containers that are disposed of everyday. This drink top will fit any standard mouth jar, whether it’s an empty tomato sauce, salsa, or mayonnaise jar. With EcoJarz, the possibilities of turning jars into long-lasting, always-handy, on-the-go drink vessels are almost endless.”

“There is a growing amount of research highlighting the benefits of using non-reactive drink and food storage for everyday use.  By using materials such as Glass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel and Silicone you are protecting yourself from many harmful compounds and toxins such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates. Materials such as Glass, Silicone and Stainless Steel are best suited for contact with food and beverages because of their lack of reactivity.  This means that you can use and reuse them again and again and they will put nothing harmful into your food!”



In addition to those listed above, here are some reasons I love EcoJarz.

  1. If I break the jar I am using, I can recycle it, find another and still use my lid! All is not lost.
  2. They give you the option to ship with minimal packaging!
  3. They also sell stainless steel straws!
  4. They are pretty darn cute!

IMG_0243Shipped with minimal packaging!

If you are interested in checking out EcoJarz (where you will also find some great beverage recipes) here is a link to their website: http://www.ecojarz.com/

You should know…

We are not affiliated with EcoJarz and have not been paid to say nice things about them; we just think they make a really great product and wanted to pass that info along to you!

what have you found that helps you waste not?

♥ ali


4 thoughts on “They’re Here…

  1. Hey Ali! Great post!! We use Cuppow for our reusable stuff. It’s looks similar to your Eco jarz but I thought I’d let you know about them if you haven’t heard yet! http://Www.cuppow.com

    Robin Ewers Artist & Owner R.Ewers Designs robin@rewersdesigns.com http://www.rewersdesigns.com Facebook: rewersdesigns Twitter: @Audreyesque

  2. Good find! I feel less lonely & crazy on this planet knowing that there are others out there who do what they can to consume eco-efficiently. Thank you.

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