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A Scrunchie Moment

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This is the moment I realized scrunchies are not dumb, ugly, cool, nor fashionable; they are simply scrunchies. Maybe everything is just exactly what it is.

scrunchies90sleave it to full house to teach me yet another life lesson

The other night I was searching for a tie to put my hair up before bed. I found an old scrunchie, put it around my wrist and as I began to place it in my hair I thought “ugh, scrunchies are so ugly.”

That was the moment I realized I was brainwashed.

I realize this sounds a bit odd, but stay with me a moment.

There was a time when scrunchies were my number one.  I once had an active and varied scrunchie collection. So what’s my deal? Why do I now think scrunchies are ugly and horrible?  Certainly the scrunchies are not to blame, they haven’t changed. So what has changed? my scrunchie perception.


Scrunchies have never betrayed me. In fact, I have always found scrunchies quite reliable; they are softer than barrettes and never get stuck in my curly hair.

I could hypothesize that fashion, like other big businesses needs to maintain a constant flow of consumers. This would make it their job to tell us what is hot, and what is not. If we were happy with what we had (i.e. big fabric-y hair pieces), we wouldn’t feel moved to shop for the “newest”, “coolest”, “sexiest”, “hottest” trends.  There would be no pressure to keep up with the Joneses, or in our case, the Kardashians. (they’re still popular, right?)

Perceived Obsolescence starts at 1:20

I have no grand explanation, merely a suggestion. Perhaps, from time to time it is a good idea to take a moment to ask “why?”

“Why do I want to go out and buy new pointy heels when I have a perfectly fine pair of rounded heels?”

“Why do I feel the need to go down that career path, when really I would prefer to do something else? (even though it may not pay as much)”

Why to everything!


It reminds me of a conversation I recently had about why women shave. “But it’s gross!” she replied. At the time I didn’t bother to go further with the conversation, but I wish I would have said “Why is it gross? Why is the hair on your legs anymore gross than the hair on your head? Who told you it was gross?”

I am by no means trying to say you should do this, or that, or whatever. This is just a ramble about “why”?

Why? Because we can.


♥ ali


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