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Look At The Moon!


Every so often when the moon is particularly beautiful, I get a call from my Mom.  “Go outside and look at the moon!” she encourages or “The Cheshire cat is out tonight.” Now, I can’t help but think of her when I see the moon, and I am glad for it.


A special moon is rising soon, in its last full showing before the Autumnal Equinox, the Harvest Moon.  It will rise on the West Coast around 4am and on the East Coast at around 7am on September 19th. I enjoy the word harvest, just thinking of it gives me pleasure. It invokes the smell of turning leaves and the taste of cider.  Tomorrow’s moon is called Harvest because of the bright light it lends, an aid to finishing the harvest chores.

This year the Autumnal Equinox falls on Sunday, September 22. Derived from Latin, equinox means “equal night”, describing the two times of the year (spring and autumn equinox) when we experience 12 hours of both night a day. This is due to the plane of the earths equator passing the center of the sun

please, please, please enjoy this wonderful explanation!

I do hope you will enjoy the Harvest Moon. If you are tending your harvest, driving to work, or toasting its rising with a cup of coffee, give it a smile as it prepares us for the coming fall.

♥ ali


2 thoughts on “Look At The Moon!

  1. Last night about 4am, the light outside was very bright. I looked toward the eastern sky. The moon was full and very bright, and I smiled thinking it is probably to early to call my kids to look at the moon.

    Ali’s Mom

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