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That’s Not Coffee

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Do you have a collection of mysterious recyclables?  You know you should recycle them, but you’re not sure why and you’re not sure how. I do: batteries.


That’s not coffee…


That’s a collection of corroded batteries.

The corrosive material is called potassium hydroxide, and yes, it is highly toxic. Wear protective gloves when handling corroded batteries and be sure not to touch your eyes. Good news, you can still recycle corroded batteries.

Why Bother

As discussed above, batteries contain toxic materials. If we dump or burn batteries like we do with other landfill-bound trash, these harmful substances will make their way into the environment; contaminating the air, water, and soil life depends on. Would you like to take a deep breath of toxic air? neither would I.


During the recycling process, metals are also recovered and processed for further use. This lengthens their life and reduces dependency on future mining.

I am doing it because I love this place…


How To

There are many options to choose from: mail-in, drop-off, and take-back to name a few. If you would like to learn how to recycle your batteries, check out the links below.  I used Earth911 to locate a drop-off site just a few blocks from home!

Earth911: just enter your zip code! http://earth911.com/recycling/single-use-batteries/

Battery Solutions: http://www.batteryrecycling.com/

Batteries Plus: they also recycle bulbs! http://www.batteriesplus.com/t-batteries-plus-recycles.aspx

Call2Recycle: they recycle rechargeables too! http://www.call2recycle.org/physical-flowchart/

Next Step

Find out where you can recycle your old batteries and other mysterious recyclables using the links above.

Purchase rechargeable batteries like nickel metal hydride batteries. Better for the environment, better for your wallet! Also recyclable once their long life is over!

Have a Minute?

Check out this video about how batteries are recycled. It’s pretty neat!

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – Native American Proverb

Why do you recycle?

♥ ali


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