Waste Not

attempting to waste less and live more deliberately

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

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Special occasions typically require special purchases. Having promised to consume consciously and rarely, this occasion proved a fun challenge.


Photo by: Douglas Levy http://www.douglaslevyphotography.com

Toni ♥ Tim 

Held in Boston, the wedding looked as if it were pulled from a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine; black tie, cathedral length veil, dancing all night, and champagne that flowed freely. As one of the bridesmaids, certain requests regarding attire were made.  Toni, an exceptionally stylish and beautiful woman outfitted us in chic J.Crew dresses and asked that we provide small gold earrings, and nude or gold heels. The waste not wedding challenge was on!

Something Old

Having dated a somewhat shorter boy in my formative style years (high school) I seem to have developed a love of flats. Heels…not so much. I own nude flats, but nude or gold heels? a definite no. There are several options here: invest in a nice pair of heels, buy cheap-o heels, borrow, or buy second-hand.

Shoes made of high quality materials by people in safe working conditions who are also being paid fairly for their work typically run well over $100. Currently, this is just not a option I can afford. Buying cheap-o heels from a big-box store may be affordable, but that purchase would likely support poor labor practices (sweatshops) and the sub-par product may fall apart quickly.  Borrowing is a great option and one I attempted, but the strappy heels that were offered weren’t exactly my style. That leaves me with the second-hand option, one of my favorites! I consider my second-hand purchase “something old” because it is! An old product given a new life.


Just perfect and cost only $15!  We also found a kitchen aid mixer on our Goodwill shoe hunt!

Something New

The dress!  The style was of our choice and the color of the brides choosing.  Toni chose “spiced wine” a maroon-ish color that everyone loved! Being able to choose our own style ensures that our dresses will live a long and happy lives, enjoying future special occasions.


Something Borrowed

Borrowing is my favorite! Right up there with “sharing is caring”, borrowing just makes sense. As a collective community, we already have everything we need, and more! Just think about it, many of the items we own are not being used 100% of the time, so why not share? For the wedding I borrowed a pair of gold earrings from earring-loving friend Meg! She seriously has the coolest collection of earrings I have ever seen.  These gold knot earrings were perfect! Zero products bought, Zero $$ spent! Score!


Something Blue

As a gift to the bridesmaids, Toni bought us each a beautiful necklace! Made by an artist on Etsy, each gold necklace held a different stone (mine aquamarine, my favorite) accented by a pearl and our initial. Very sweet!



wedding party

 An amazing weekend spent celebrating an amazing couple!

How do you keep your special occasions low-waste?

♥ ali


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