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Stink-Free Trash

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Composting and Convenience

There are certain waste-not habits that are just easier than others, though it might surprise you what they are. Who would have thought remembering a reusable mug for your morning coffee would be so darn difficult?  Other habits have been easier to maintain, like composting. Why so easy? I’m lucky, I work at a garden!


kinda circle


pileJust a few examples of the garden’s composting system. Great example of how composting can be beautiful!

While these very healthy compost piles are maintained by the horticulturists, I do provide them with the kitchen scraps they need to keep the process moving along. Someday, I hope to create my own compost pile (check out some BASICS and METHODS) but until that day, I am happy to enrich the garden’s soil.

From Kitchen to Compost

Having a container in which to place one’s kitchen scraps is an important step.  Our kitchen scrap bin is a blue ceramic container we found at Goodwill.  We line the container with an old plastic bulk bag and when the bag becomes full, the scraps come to work with me where they become food for the worms and other decomposers.  I rinse the bag, shake it out to dry, and use it again and again until it falls apart (then I recycle…did you know you can recycle plastic bags?!?).

kitchen binOur thrifty find (and a good example of just how yellow our counter tops really are…yikes!)

The Spice of Life


This one is fun! Apartment Therapy Kitchen Bins

stylish bins

Some other options. Apartment Therapy Stylish Bins

Work Work Eat Work

If you’re like me, you eat one meal at work and graze more than you’d like to admit, enter the work scrap bin! Made from an old coffee container, this little guy catches tea leaves, strawberry tops, and salad leftovers to name a few.


“Don’t throw me away! I’m still useful!”

work bin


Clean, punch a few holes in the lid for ventilation, and label (labeling is important, unless you are playing a joke on a co-worker a la Jim and Dwight).


In addition to creating less landfill-bound waste, this simple step of rerouting your scraps will completely transform your trash life. Just think about it for a moment, why is trash so stinky in the first place? Rotting food! Since composting, our trash is stink free! Success!

Do you have any waste not habits that come a little easier? Makes you wonder why they haven’t always been a part of your routine.



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