Waste Not

attempting to waste less and live more deliberately

Consume Not


Consume Less = Waste Less

Flipping through the latest glossy magazine, I am gripped by the promise of order and beauty. Everything seems so nice and neat. My life could be that nice and neat if only I had that perfect product. The temptation to run to the container store is palpable; I can almost smell the freshly molded plastic trays.  Have you ever felt this urge? I certainly have! An urge that could only be summoned by a top notch advertiser paired with a photographer who’s got a knack for catching just the right light.


Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are some wonderfully designed products out there that really can help simplify one’s life. However, in my experience most of what I buy eventually turns into more stressful clutter, not to mention a complete waste of money.

By consuming less, we are also wasting less…less packaging, less shipping energy, less energy and resource that went into making the product in the first place.

How can one consume less in a world that is constantly telling us to buy more?

Before I buy, I like to take a minute and ask myself, do I need this? Will my life be substantially better if I own this product? Is there something else I already have that could do the job? Could I make something myself to fulfill this products promise?


I love the idea here of working with what you have. Triple duty organizer/baking dish/bookend! (HERE)

Just some Friday kind of thoughts. Happy weekend!

Do you have any consume less ideas?

♥ ali


2 thoughts on “Consume Not

  1. Most of us like something new in our lives every once in a while. It puts a pep in our step. Yesterday, we visited a neighborhood garage sale. We were looking for two picture frames, but came home with someone else’s gently loved Xmas tree stand and boogie board. It feels good to pick up where someone else left of in needing/wanting something and to put it to use in our lives and home. We look forward to returning the favor many times over.

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