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We recently visited our very dear friends, Patrick and Amanda. They wanted to introduce us to someone pretty amazing, I will let Amanda tell you about that! ☺


Patrick and Amanda at our Rehearsal Dinner – April 2013

Tell me a bit about yourself and how we know each other.

Hi! I’m Amanda. I live in Bakersfield, California and work as a drilling fluid engineer; I went to college in northern California and studied Geology and Geography. My husband and I are both rock nerds and absolutely love traveling, hiking, camping, and playing with our adorable beagle, Gracie.

We know each other through our adorable significant others. Our husbands went to college and played baseball at Whitman together. I’m pretty sure we were destined to be friends though, with or without them. 🙂

Question: Did anything absolutely amazing happen to you recently?

OH YEA! My husband and I welcomed our beautiful son into the world at the end of June 2013. He’s honestly the best thing that has ever happened to us. We are 100% smitten. He’s a total cuddle bug and poop factory all rolled into a handsome little package.


Amanda and Jasper – June 2013

Question: Are there any alternative measures you are taking to reduce waste and expenses while raising your lovely boy?

While we were pregnant, we found that we agreed on most ideas of what could come along with taking care of a baby except one thing: diapers! My husband had never thought of any other diapering option but disposable diapers and I really wanted to try cloth diapering. My husband is very logical and methodical about the way he makes decisions so I had to sell him on the idea– I succeeded and we are now beginning to cloth diaper our 3 week old son!


We both wanted to cut costs as much as we could with a new addition to our family. Cloth diapering was a great solution for us and here is why. On average, newborns go through approximately 10-12 diapers per day, although I can attest to my son going through a few more than that range (and 8-10 diapers per day as they get older!) With most disposable diapers costing an average of $0.25 per diaper, expenses can add up quickly to approximately $1,095.00 per year! This cost does not include disposable wipes either—and with that little baby bottom we like to keep clean-I have experienced needing to go through PLENTY of those suckers.  If we assume we won’t have a potty-trained little dude until he’s approximately 2-1/2 years old, our diaper expenses can add up to an approximate total of $2,740.00. (*Note: My math is approximate and based on ranges of 8-12 diapers per day)

Cloth diapering minimizes these costs for us. I spent $415.00 on our cloth diaper stash. I purchased 3-dozen prefold cloth diapers and 5 one-size waterproof diaper covers, and 15-one-size “pocket” diapers with additional 15 inserts (total of 30 inserts). This entire stash should last me until our son is potty-trained. With my grand total for diapers being $415.00, my cost per diaper is $0.09. That’s huge savings for our family and we can reuse these diapers for future kids (don’t worry honey, we’re not there yet!) Cloth diapering saves my family approximately $2,325.00 in diapering costs over the span of 2-1/2 years!

Now onto reducing our waste-I get to reuse my diapers over multiple years while disposables get thrown away after one use! About 25% of the cloth diapers I bought were “gently used”. I know this may sound gross to some, but these diapers are sanitized and checked prior to purchase and then washed and sanitized again by yours truly before placed on my son’s bum. Buying cloth diapers used is a great way to reduce waste!

If we look at how many disposable diapers I would go through with my son, assuming 10 diapers per day at 2-1/2 years, that’s 9,125 diapers in the garbage! I’m not saying I won’t pack some disposable diapers into our diaper bag when we go on errands or road trips now and then because disposable diapers are incredibly convenient and can make my life way easier when I’m about ready to explode from doing laundry.

The amount of landfill waste and monetary waste generated from the convenience of disposable diapers helped us decide to cloth diaper our son. It may not work for everyone, but even a cloth diaper here and there can help.


Amanda and Jasper – Jess Cadena Photography


We are so blessed to have this wonderful family in our life!  Meeting Jasper and in a way meeting our friends in their new role as parents was truly a special gift. A big thank you to Amanda for taking the time to tell us about her new role as mom and guardian of baby Jasper’s adorable little bum. What an incredible little man! Don’t be surprised if we come visit again, soon! We’re in love! ☺


Are there any measures you have taken as a parent to reduce waste and cost?

♥ ali


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