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Low-waste Organizing

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I so look forward to sharing the results of our trash week (if you have no idea what I am talking about, read about it here). Until then, look what Sam made! 

Meet our low-waste drawer organizer.


Why call it “low-waste” and not “no-waste”? Well, some of the supplies that were used aren’t exactly low-waste, but because we had them on hand we decided to go ahead and use them rather than buy anything new.  

The Process:

When we first moved we had no utensil organizer. I fashioned one out of cardboard and duct tape, it sufficed for a few years, but we were ready to move on. Sam suggested that rather than buy a new one, maybe he could make one.  I’m very lucky, I know ☺

Using scrap wood from work, wood glue, and some spray paint we already had on hand, Sam built our beautiful Pottery Barn-esque utensil organizer for exactly zero dollars! He also made one for the bathroom drawer!

Everyone loves a good before and after, enjoy!





ImageHave you ever broken out your craftiness, rather than having to buy new?

♥ ali



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